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Totnes and Kingsbridge Beekeepers

Bees are amongst the most prolific of natures work force, about 70 crops grown in the UK are dependent on, or benefit from, visits from bees. It is said that one third of the food we eat would not be available but for bees.

Man has long had an association with honey bees, in 29 BC the poet Virgil described the workings of the hive in his work "The Georgics"

Today, although there are some mysteries still surrounding the honey bee, we have a much greater understanding of them and their practices. Here at the Totnes and Kingsbridge Beekeepers we like to pass on this knowledge to you through these pages, Apiary Open Days and our Education Program inspired by the British beekeepers Association.

The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) is the UK's leading organisation representing beekeepers. It has a national network of some 67 local Association, Totnes and Kingsbridge Beekeepers are one of the eleven branches of the Devon Beekeepers Association (DBKA).

UK Registered Charity No. 270675

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Future Events

What Do Viruses Do All Day?

A talk by

Martin Hann

7:30pm Thursday

10th May 2018


A Discusion on Pollen

By Richard Ball

2:00pm Saturday 9th June 2018